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Updated Services ~ March 27, 2020
Posted 3/27/20


Greetings Warrior Families!                                                                                 

I have some updates and clarifications for you.

With regards to drop-off/pick-up of homework.

  • The work that has already been distributed is due on/or before April 6.
  • Teachers will have packets/instruction available every Monday after 8am. You can either have the materials delivered via bus routes, or one of the 3 drop-off points. You can return work on any day but it is due no later than the next Monday. New material will only be available on Mondays.
  • The Post Office in Harrison has agreed to let us use them as a drop off point. However, they staff there has nothing to do with this. As you enter the Post Office, there is a black, plastic box to the left with a sign on it. Please do not contact the staff unless you have mail business with them and as always, maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
  • The IGA in St. Maries is also a drop off point. The box is behind the service counter.
  • If you have not already done so, please contact one of these individuals to let them know where you want to exchange homework.
    • If your child is in the elementary, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or the elementary office to notify us which exchange option will work best for your family.
    • If your student is in the Jr. High, please contact Mrs. Badgett for your options.  or call high school (208) 689-3311.
    • If your child is in the Sr. High, please call Mr. Greer for your options. or call the high school.
  • If you have questions regarding our child’s homework, please contact that teacher. They are more than willing to help you understand or help your child through their task.

We will continue to supply meals to those families that have requested it. Meals can be delivered via morning bus routes or picked up at the school kitchen. If you want to be added at any time, please contact Megan in the elementary office (208) 689-3511. Please remember we are unable to provide the meals during our scheduled spring break, March 30-April 3. We will resume on April 6 through April 20.

With regards to district issued Chromebooks, we have set up a system for those that need it. Please work through your child’s teacher in order to get one. Parents must sign a release form and pick them up at school.

All work sent home must be completed by the student and returned to school. The work will be graded and entered into the gradebook. This is not optional. Failure to do so may result in failing the class.

Seniors at Kootenai School District are still required to complete their senior project and pass their classes. Please contact Mrs. Evans if you have questions about the project.

These are difficult times for everyone. Please continue to show kindness and empathy with each other and we will get through this together. Please let your child know their teacher misses them and wants them back as soon as possible. I will continue to update you as new information becomes available. Thank you.

Dennis Kachelmier

Wade Pilloud