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Superintendent shares

March 27, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians/Patrons,                                               

The Governor held a press conference earlier this week, in which he issued a “Stay at Home” order for Idahoans, with the exception of essential services.  This was in response to trying to contain the Coronavirus 19.  Essential services in the press conference were described as being food and medical related.  Following that press conference a statement was issued by Greg Wilson of the Governor’s office, where he noted that the document included education, “as related to distance learning”, as being an essential service.  With that in mind we will continue to prepare lessons for the students and we will deliver those lessons along with our lunch delivery on the bus routes, or we will exchange completed work for new assignments at designated drop points in St. Maries, at the Valley Mart and in Harrison. 

Since the first day of closure, we have provided breakfast and lunch to families on the rural routes, if they indicated they wanted the meals. We plan to continue this service as long as schools remain closed.  In the event that you earlier indicated you did not want the meals, but now believe that they would be handy, please contact Megan Galea at the school, 208-689-3511. The National Food Service has announced that those meals will be free of charge to ANY child age 18 and under, whether they are attending school in Kootenai, or elsewhere, are home-schooled, or are not attending school of any kind.  If interested, please contact the school. 

The State Board of Education also met earlier this week, and declared that all Idaho Schools are closed to students until April 15.  The State Board indicates that they are looking at making decisions on the extension of the closure on a biweekly basis.  At this point, the closures are considered “soft closures”, which means that staff are able to access the school to prepare lessons or perform other duties as assigned.  As per the President’s announcement, we are accommodating those employees who can work at home.  We are also honoring that any employee in a high risk situation, such as being over age 55, having compromising health conditions, or being responsible for the care of others, may make arrangements to work from home. 

We expect that the State Board will weigh in on the Coronavirus and school closures sometime during the week preceding April 15.  We expect further guidance to be given by the State Board at that time.  They are the one body with the constitutional and statutory authority to unilaterally close schools.  If they say to close, the local district cannot decide otherwise.

The intent of this letter is to advise you that our School District will remain closed until April 15, per the order of the State Board of Education.  We will also undertake a deep cleaning prior to the scheduled return to school.  It would be conjecture to speculate on an exact date for the return of students to school, which could be any time after the April 15th date.  We will monitor the progress of the disease through the CDC, Panhandle Health District, the State Board, the State Department of Education, and the Governor’s office, and will keep you informed of any new developments, including any new changes to the anticipated return date, via School Messenger. 

You can access the Governor’s site, with this link

If you wish to access food services for your students or any child 18 and under in your home, please call Megan Galea at 208-689-3511 or email a


The President’s Guidelines also bear repeating:

  1. Engage in school from home whenever possible.
  2. If you work in a Critical Infrastructure Industry, follow CDC Guidance.
  3. Avoid social gatherings of more than ten people.
  4. Avoid eating or drinking in bars, restaurants and food courts—use drive through, pick up or delivery options.
  5. Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips and social visits.
  6. Do not visit nursing homes, retirement centers or long-term care facilities.
  7. Practice good hygiene.  Wash hands frequently.  Avoid touching your face.  Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.  Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces.


Dennis Kachelmier,Superintendent

Policy Revisions

Click on the link below for the Winter 2018/2019 Policy Update Release:

 The following items are up for review.

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Teacher Evaluations

Dear Parents:

In compliance with state requirements and district policy, Kootenai School District is requesting parental feedback for inclusion in certified instructional staff evaluations.  The enclosed form is being randomly mailed to parents.  We ask that you respond to the questions and return the form to the school or district office.

Your input allows for ongoing parent/guardian input,  which is important in improving the quality of education for all our students. You may obtain additional forms from any school office, the school district's administrative office or by clicking on the following link.

Teacher Evaluation

If you have any questions, please call the school office:

Elementary: 689-3511     Jr. Sr. High: 689-3311      District Office:  689-3631

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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School Board Meetings 2020

Board of Trustees - Kootenai Joint School District #274

Notice of Regular Board Meetings 

Harrison Elementary School, Multi-purpose Room

NOTICE is Hereby given, that regular meetings of the Board of Trustees of Kootenai Joint School District #274 will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Harrison Elementary School, Multi-purpose room said District, meetings dates as follows:

Recommended for Approval 01/13/2020


February 10

March 9

April 13

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October 12


These regular meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Kootenai Joint School District #274 are called pursuant to IDAHO CODE 67-2343.

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District Report Card

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